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Apply the Biblical Principles of the Submissive Wife to Your Marriage

Apply the Biblical Principles of the Submissive Wife to Your Marriage

  • Review the download “30 How to Submit to Your spouse every day of one’s wedding”

(Please click on the image below when it comes to multi-page download)

  • Prayerfully respond to the next concerns and complete the PDF: 10 Ways we Commit to Being truly A submissive spouse to my spouse
  • Do you realy agree or disagree because of the above about being a submissive spouse? Why or why don’t you?
  • Do you really give consideration to your self a submissive spouse?
  • Just what does being fully a submissive spouse suggest to you personally within the context of biblical instruction?
  • Can there be an area of one’s wedding about submission that you struggle with terms of being a submissive wife?
  • What can you do to change that?
  • What is God telling you?


Dear Lord, please help me personally to comprehend just exactly what it indicates to submit, for you, Lord, and also to my hubby. The entire world informs us that submission is really a bad thing. In a where your ways are not accepted, please help me to remain strong and live as the wife you created me to be day. Show me personally just just what it indicates to submit to my better half in wedding.

Assist me to keep modest and mild. Please assist us to submit our hearts for your requirements, Lord. Many thanks for the present of the elegance that life as you’ve called me to live in me so I can live. Your Word claims that I’m to submit to my better half as for your requirements (Ephesians 5:22). I want your assistance with that, Father.

Shield me personally from other people who state that it’s poor to submit.