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You can read in-depth reviews as well as compare them head to head. Basic task management includes creating tasks with due dates that can be associated with cases/matters and assigned to different lawyers. Some products stick to pretty basic task management, while others offer enough features to make any Getting Things Done devotee happy. Needles is a good fit for firms looking to work with an on-premise software program, but it isn’t cloud-based and its user interface is seriously dated.

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LEX is a proven, complete and established matter management system for in-house lawyers. It is based on both our own extensive experience, and the needs expressed to us by the hundreds of companies and government departments we’ve helped over the years. Need some help entering timesheets, revising and processing bills, managing accounts payable or reconciling bank statements? Our staff is efficient and skilled in all standard law office billing and bookkeeping functions.

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Every firm would have different levels of WIP and would attach different values to them. There is no doubt that WIP could be interpreted as the single largest factor of net worth for your firm. To help you find the best solution, we reviewed and compared the top 16 legal software.

Software vendor Ultimedia, in a joint venture with Just Costs Solicitors, released CostsbudgIT in October 2016. CostsbudgIT is a cloud-based software system designed to assist lawyers with budgeting and finance. Reducing the paper shuffle with fast and efficient searches of digitized documents through use of document management applications. These systems can be especially essential during client calls when there is a need to rapidly reference many different documents. “We’ve worked with Litera for many years, and our lawyers are using their products daily. Litera is transforming the way legal teams of all sizes perfect documents, run deals, and manage cases.

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Features, functionalities & benefits of legal software can be very varied. It is now becoming very clear that other industries have started tapping into the legal IT market.

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Client Sense is an intelligent Business Development solution developed specifically for Professional Services firms. Support and Upgrades packages for subsequent years are optional. Hosting is managed in a secure data centre, and we have a dedicated network in an ASD certified gateway facility for hosting Government clients. LEX is also a proven, complete and established contracts management system. It can be used to track executed agreements and associated key dates, reminders, documents and financials. It offers customised email alerts of key events, and has extensive reporting capabilities.

A number of products released in recent years have been produced by IT Techies, who lack the practical understanding of the legal profession. Other legal software has been produced by lawyers, which lack the technical and functional ability. The right software for you is the software that has a fine balance of profession and technology. The rapid adoption of legal software shows that there is a strong business argument in favour of investing in legal software for your firm. Legal software could be compared to being the equivalent of an organised warehouse that houses your stock. In this scenario the stock are your files and the matters that you are currently running, also known as WIP .